About us

Magikos Coins is a company that specializes in selling numismatic coins from all around the world. Our team is a group of people for which numismatics is not only a job, but also a passion and a way of life. We can distinguish between beauty and uniqueness in each one of our products. Our love for collectibles has quickly evolved into work that we are eager to share with our customers.

Throughout our near 10-year existence in the marketplace, we have made every effort to ensure that words such as trust, solidity, and satisfaction are associated with our brand.

Customers willing to use our services can be confident that they will receive undeniably professional service at the highest level, for customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our offer is full of modern, high-quality numismatic coins. We have an assortment of mints from around the world.

We cooperate with dealers based in Europe, Asia and North America, which makes us a strong and international business partner.

We sell luxurious and unique commemorative and NCLT (Non-circulating legal tender) coins made of gold and silver.

Our products are attractive due to the wide variety of coins that contain various decorations in the form of inserts and inlays. In addition, many of our products are developed by using the Antique Finish, Black Proof, and High Relief technologies.

Customers can stay in touch by using one of these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, WhatsApp, and many more.

From the very beginning, we have valued innovation, creativity, and collaboration above all else. Do not hesitate to join us on our journey by browsing through the store in search for modern numismatics. We are glad to have you with us. Thank you!